Introduction to neutrino physics

Neutrinos, together with other charged leptons and quarks,

are elementary particle whose interactions are described by "The Standard Model" which assumes they have a zero mass. However the phenomenon of "neutrino oscillations",(indirectly) suggests that neutrinos should have a (tiny) mass that paves the way to new physics  in particle physics, in astrophysics and cosmology.

Similarly to what has already been measured in the quark sector, a mixing matrix describes the neutrino oscillations including the CP-violation.

Course Contents

The course is organized as follows:

-Introduction to charged and neutral neutrino interactions;

-Introduction to the phenomenology of the neutrino oscillations,

 experimental results in neutrino oscillation in reactors, solar,  


-Results of the  Katrin experiment on the electron-neutrino mass;

-neutrinoless double beta decay.

-Results of the T2K experiment  on CP violation in neutrino oscillations;

-Neutrino in the universe: from supernovae, partner in

  gravitational waves, relic from big bang.

-The exam will consist on an oral discussion of  an article

 on   experimental results  on neutrino physics.