Instrumentation seminars

Instrumentation seminars

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Cari studenti,

e' stato definito il programma dei seminari finali di strumentazione, disponibile anche sulla home page del corso. 

In the final part of the course some instrumentation seminars are presented by experts in the field, with the purpose of placing the instrumentation technologies in the context of past, present and future experiments. The program is the following:

7-May-2021Friday15:0016:00Space instrumentation (AMS, Fermi/Glast, IXPE) [Sgro’]
10-May-2021Monday11:0012:00Large area cosmic ray experiments (Magic, CTA, Auger) [Paoletti]
10-May-2021Monday12:0013:00Large volume rare events detectors (SuperK, HyperK, Dune, Darkside, Icecube, KM3) [Stracka]
13-May-2021Thursday11:0012:00Instrumentation for rare decay searches (MEG, Mu2E, Mu3E) [Papa]
13-May-2021Thursday12:0013:00Forward spectrometers (NA62, LHCB) [Morello]
14-May-2021Friday15:0016:00High energy hadron colliders (CDF, CMS, ATLAS, FCChh) [Bedeschi]
17-May-2021Monday11:0012:00High energy lepton colliders (LEP, ILC, CLIC, FCCee) [Azzurri]
17-May-2021Monday12:0013:00Low energy lepton colliders (KLOE, BES III, Babar, Belle (II)) [Forti]

Seminar will be held on the usual Microsoft Teams Platform for the Course.