Calendar for Instrumentation Seminars

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I am sorry, but I messed up with the classrooms twice ! We must use the usual assignment, which I hope is correct this time:
26-Apr-2022TuesdayAula X210:3011:30Space instrumentation (AMS, Fermi/Glast, IXPE, more ?) [Sgro’]
28-Apr-2022ThursdayAula F18:309:30Instrumentation for rare decay searches (MEG, Mu2E, Mu3E) [Papa]
2-May-2022MondayAula V110:3011:30Large area cosmic ray experiments (Magic, CTA, Auger…) [Paoletti]
3-May-2022TuesdayAula X210:3011:30Large volume rare events detectors(SuperK, HyperK, Dune, Darkside, Icecube, KM3) [Stracka]
5-May-2022ThursdayAula F18:309:30High energy lepton colliders (LEP, ILC, CLIC, FCCee) [Azzurri]
9-May-2022MondayAula V110:3011:30High energy hadron colliders (CDF, CMS, ATLAS, FCChh) [Bedeschi]
10-May-2022TuesdayAula X210:3011:30Forward spectrometers (NA62, LHCB, more ?) [PInzino]
12-May-2022ThursdayAula F18:309:30Low energy lepton colliders (KLOE, BES III, Babar, Belle (II)) [Forti]