Interesting seminar

Interesting seminar

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Dear Students, let me bring to your attention this CERN detector seminar

We will have the next CERN Detector Seminar on Friday, 13 May, at 11h00:

Quantum detectors for (low and high energy) particle physics

by Michael Doser (CERN) 

The seminar will take place in "hybrid format" with the speaker present in-person in the Salle Anderson (40/S2-A01). Please note that the occupancy is currently limited to 57 people due to hygiene rules. The Zoom retransmission will be also available.


Connection details are given on the Indico page:



After a short introduction into the involvement of different existing families of detectors relying on quantum effects and relevant to the field of (mostly low energy) particle physics, a small number of possible ideas for applications in the context of high energy particle physics (calorimetry, particle ID, tracking) will be presented and discussed. A particular emphasis will be placed on the R&D required to transform these more speculative ideas into proof-of-principle prototype devices.


Organized by: Dominik Dannheim (EP-DT-TP)


Please note that the seminar will be recorded and retransmission will be available.