CERN Detector Seminar

CERN Detector Seminar

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Dear students, let me draw your attention to this interesting seminar 

In the next Detector Seminar, we will have a presentation on the following topic: Micro-channel plate photon detectors

The seminar will be given on Friday, April 28 at 11:00; Connection details are given on the indico page:

Title and Speaker:

Micro-channel plate photon detectors
by Thierry Gys (CERN)


​​Micro-channel plate photon detectors represent a mature technology that intrinsically features low noise, high gain, high spatial resolution and excellent time resolution. These devices are radiation hard and very robust to magnetic fields. Over the past years, their performance has been significantly improved in terms of lifetime, collection efficiency, and surface coverage, essentially through the development of the atomic layer deposition technique. These photon detectors are used in the imaging Time-Of-Propagation counter of the Belle II experiment, in the ALICE Fast Interaction Trigger and in the ATLAS Forward Proton detectors. They have been selected for the Barrel and Endcap Disc DIRC detectors of the PANDA experiment and are investigated for future particle identification systems such as the high precision DIRC at the Electron Ion Collider and the TORCH time-of-flight detector in the LHCb experiment. They are also considered as possible alternatives for future or upgraded RICH detectors.

The seminar will cover various configurations of micro-channel plate photon detectors, their operation and applications in single-photon detection regime, and their use in multi-photon detection regime for ultra-precise time reference purposes.


Organized by: Burkhard Schmidt

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