Email list for seminars at INFN

Email list for seminars at INFN

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Dear students of Fundamental Interactions (present and past),

 there are often seminars organized by INFN that can be of interest to you and at a level that you can follow and profit from.

There is a new email list to which you can freely subscribe:
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The next events are: 

29/2/2024 15:00 sala Galileo (131) Edificio C,  Lorenzo Paolozzi, "MONOLITH - picosecond time stamping capabilities in monolithic highly granular silicon pixel detectors"

31/1/2024 15:00 sala Galileo (131) Edificio C, Mauro Mezzetto, "Next Generation Long Baseline Neutrino Experiments"

For more information you can contact the people responsible for the seminar program at INFN:
Jacopo Pinzino <>, Aafke Kraan <>

Feel free to forward this email to interested students.