Preliminary Program

1. Refresher: basics of detector technologies (6)   (F.Forti)
    • Refresher: Interactions of particles and matter
    • Signal formation by moving charges and Ramo theorem
    • Main sources and types of noise in detectors and amplifiers.
2. Tracking technologies (8) (F.Forti)
    • Gas-filled detectors: MWPC, Drift chambers, TPC, RPC, GEMs and other MPGDs.
    • Semiconductor detectors: diodes, strip detectors, pixel detectors (hybrid and monolithic)
    • Track reconstruction and momentum measurement
3. Timing technologies (6) (F. Palla)
    • Photon detectors: PMT, MCP-PMT, MA-PMT, PIN-diodes, SiPM
    • Scintillation detectors: organic, inorganic; plastic, liquid, crystals
    • Fast semiconductor detectors
    • Time measurement techniques and applications
4. Particle Identification technologies (6) (F. Forti)
    • Cherenkov detectors: threshold, ring imaging, radiator types
    • Transition radiation detectors: basic mechanism
    • Techniques for particle identification: E/p, dE/dx, TOF, Cherenkov, penetration.
5. Energy measurement technologies (8) (F. Scuri)
    • Homogeneous detectors
    • Sampling calorimeters: readout methods, dual readout
    • Particle flow calorimeters
    • Techniques for energy measurement
6. Detectors for cosmic particles, neutrinos and exotic matter (6) (G.Signorelli)
    • Large volume detectors: Cherenkov, liquid noble gas
    • Cold technologies: bolometers, superconducting tunneling junctions
    • Dark matter, axions detection techniques
7. Signal processing and data acquisition technologies (6) (F.Spinella)
    • Analog signal processing, readout and noise
    • Digitization and digital signal processing
    • Trigger and data acquisition systems
8. Some examples of large detector system/s (8-10)
    • Hadron collider. (2) (Atlas e CMS a confronto)
    • Electron collider. (2) (Belle II)
    • Fixed target. (2) (NA62 o LHCB)
    • Large volume. Or dark matter non accelerator (2) (Darkside, )
    • Space instrumentation (2) (AMS e/o Fermi/Glast o IXPE)
    • Cosmic ray experiments (2) (CTA)


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